Create a Newsletter Archive in Minutes

You spend time and money to put out a quality email newsletter. Why not extend the life of that content by exposing it to search engines and web visitors using our automated email campaign archiving solution?

You can set up your archive within minutes and start reaching all new audiences. Start your free trial and see how easy it is to set up an archive of your email newsletter content.

Sample Archives

Archivoh, Your Email Newsletter Archive

Easily make your email newsletters and campaigns available for web visitors. Don't let the content you've spent time and money to develop go to waste after the email has gone out.

Simple to use

Add our customized email address to your distribution lists, and we'll do the rest. We'll add your emails to the archive automatically.

Custom Branded Archive

Easily brand your archive with your logo and custom color theme. Or add a custom domain and completely whitelabel your archive.

Attractive User Interface

Let our designers manage the user interface for your email archive. Choose from multiple layout styles to match your brands style.

Zero Maintenance

Our fully automated process will ingest your emails and automatically add them to your archive.

Approval Options

If you'd prefer to choose which emails are published to your archive, we've got you covered. Approve, Publish, Un-Publish your emails at will.

Unsubscribe Link Removal

We'll automatically remove your unsubscribe links from your email content before adding them to your archive.

Domain Whitelist

All emails will be validated to be from your domain/from address before being added to your archive to ensure only your emails are shown.

Searchable Archive

Expose your email content to both search engines and web users. Increase your SEO and make your content easily accessible.


Simple and Affordable Pricing, IT Not Required

Easily set up your archive and build your content library with no technical knowledge necessary.


$ 19 /month
  • 30-Day Free Trial

  • Create Your Archive in Minutes!

  • Publish/Un-Publish/Re-Publish Your Emails

  • Auto Unsubscribe Link Removal

Most popular


$ 49 /month
  • All Features from the Startup Package Plus:

  • 30-Day Free Trial

  • Branded With Your Logo

  • Customize Your Archive Color Theme

  • Email Alerts When New Emails Arrive

  • Allow Users to Search Your Email Content

  • Remove Your Emails Link Tracking

  • Auto Publishing of Emails

  • From Domain Whitelisting


$ 99 /month
  • All Features from the Business Package Plus:

  • 30-Day Free Trial

  • White Label Your Archive

  • Use Your Own Domain Name

  • Image Archiving (coming soon)

Sample Newsletter Archives